Welcome to CPUT Special Projects

Supporting radical economic transformation through skills development programmes.

The Special Projects Unit in the Graduate Centre for Management offers customised learning and skills development programmes.

These courses are designed to meet the needs for employed and unemployed students.

Unemployed people who wish to improve their chances for employment should speak to one of our Administrators to select a course which best suits their needs.

We will also assist with the development of your CV and give you guidance with finding a job.

CPUT Special Projects is part of the Graduate Centre for Management which is in the process of transitioning to the Graduate School of Business Management (GSBM).

Graduate business schools have become the breeding ground for business leaders, but some of the models for management education are becoming jaded. There is a need for a fresh, innovative management education that meets changing (and realistic) needs of businesses.

In light of this need, CPUT Special Projects in conjunction with our Partners, aim to meet the needs of SME’s nationally through the various programs we offer.

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