Accredited Courses

CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting

The CIMA Cert BA is an entry-level qualification for people with little or no accounting background. It can be a refresher course or a foundation to a career in business and finance.

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Office Administrator

The purpose of this qualification is to prepare and equip Public Administrators with key skills and knowledge needed to effectively operate in the public sector. It is designed to prepare these learners on how to manage, organise, and analyse the effects of government policies, and to use business and statistical tools to solve public sector challenges in an ethical manner.

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Occupational Trainer

On completion of this course the learner will be able to stablish the profile, special needs and barriers to learning of learners within the specified requirements of the training programme. They will also be able to prepare, adapt and align learning materials and resources for a training intervention in the workplace.

Career Development Information Officer

The purpose of this qualification is to prepare a learner to operate as a Career Development Information Officer. A Career Development Information Officer provides individuals and groups with information about career choices and how to access their career paths that will empower them to make informed career related decisions

Community Development Practitioner

A Community Development Practitioner acts as a change agent to add value to community development practice by exploring and coordinating networks and partnerships. Conducts community-based research to inform interventions, aligned to relevant legal and regulatory frameworks. Plans, designs and manages community interventions through the application of appropriate leadership and management styles; all of which are done to promote ethical and professional community development practice.

Community Development Worker

A Community Development Worker collects and provides relevant information from and to communities and builds social cohesion within the community, in order to support the development and implementation of community development initiatives and processes.

Municipal Property Assessor (Valuer)

The purpose of this qualification is to prepare a learner to operate as a Municipal Property As-sessor. A Municipal Property Assessor (MPA) provides a number of services and support services within a municipality.